Getting ready to launch our Crowd funding campaign – what have we forgotten?

The checklist never appears to shorten however much one ticks or crosses things off.  How is that?  Is that the reverse of Peter Principle?

Emerging leaves: in this case those of a Golden Rain Tree

It has been quite a struggle but at times an enjoyable and creative exercise, getting four of us in front of a video camera, trying to keep to a script, and doing what our great ally with the video camera, Alan Tucker asks us to do.  We had to doge the showers too.  However, we made it and on Sunday you will be able to watch it – that’s if Alan gets the final edits completed.

Four people with as many comments, opinions and suggestions of how the campaign could take shape – now that is quite balancing act, and we hope that when you do get to see the campaign you will be as excited as we are about bringing to fruition the first ever Urban Tree Festival.  So excited that you are going to pledge some of your hard-earned money to support our endeavours to celebrate trees in our city and offer opportunities to as many others to come and join in discovering how trees bring colour and vibrancy to our city surroundings.

There is a lot more to a tree than just its colour, but in May, with rest leaves and some in flower, London’s tree lined streets and public gardens and parks are a vision to behold – we hope you will agree and join us at the first ever Urban Tree Festival.

The money you pledge will help us keep the ticket prices as low as possible, and help us to support others who want to add events to the festival programme.

Trees for Cities, the international charity involved in planting trees and greening our streets and public spaces, are celebrating this year themselves.  It’s their 25th anniversary and what better way to mark it in May than in support of the first ever Urban Tree Festival.  Wonderfully, they are matching every pledge in our crowdfunding campaign to the tune of £1,500!  So whatever you pledge, whether it’s £10 for a ticket to one of the events, or something more or less, remember that whatever you pledge will have double the impact – thank you Trees for Cities.



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