Who do we think we are? TiCL

We ask all the Urban Tree Festival contributors to tell us about themselves and the events they are running. This is the second in an ongoing series.

I am Simon, founder and Director of Croydon based tech start-up Company TiCL Media Limited. Our creation, TiCL’ is a unique blend of website (a shared local map) and App – ‘TiCL’  a means by which users can both add to and explore the map content.

TiCL: Technology will help you navigate interesting trees in each London Borough and an Art Trail in Greenwich Park

Promoted by The Tree Council Friends Groups and tree experts like Paul Wood, have been creating tree trails in parks and towns using TiCL App. They have identified, photographed and geo tagged trees and other points of interest. People can then use TiCL App to find, learn about and navigate between those things physically and link to and even communicate with the Friends Group virtually. Friends Groups have already created more than 70 tree trails in London using the system. It’s fun and easy to create a tree trail yourself – you might like to tell your local Friends Group about this) and it’s a fun way to explore an area and learn about the trees and other things around you.

A self guided trail is never going to replace human guiding like my colleagues, Andrew, Paul, Peter and Mel are offering during this Urban Tree Festival – but we think having their trails on your phone is the next best thing.

Q. What events are you leading during the Urban tree Festival?

As well as our ever growing list of London Tree Trails created by Friends Groups in London Parks, we have prepared 3 very special trails for the Urban Tree Festival.

12 Trees 33 Boroughs

We asked London’s Tree Officers in all 33 London’s Boroughs  to show us their favourite 12 Trees. The result is an amazing, exploration of some of London’s most interesting trees. So wherever you are in London you will be able to find a local tree ‘gem’ using TiCL App

Read more at the Chelsea Fringe

Art of the Park

Artist Xanthe Moseley has been drawing pictures of trees and other points of interest in Greenwich Park this year. She has mapped the drawings as she created them using TiCL. Now you can explore Greenwich Park and compare her interpretations at the same viewpoints – a lovely way to explore Greenwich Park and look at real trees through an artist’s eyes.

Read more at the Chelsea Fringe

10 Trees 10 Pubs

This is a list of 10 fine London pubs which happen to have interesting trees to see nearby. The person who checks in at the most number of pubs (no purchase required) using TiCL App during the days of The Urban Tree Festival will win a signed copy of Paul Wood’s book London’s Street Trees. (In the event of a tie, the recipient will be chosen at random from the list of people who checked in at the most number of pubs). The winner will be notified by email on 21st May.

See the map on TiCL

Q. Why are you supporting the Urban Tree Festival?

We think trees are overlooked and undervalued members of our society. Trees can be tricky to get to know. They can be difficult to identify, their stories can be hidden. Yet, as with all things, the closer you look at trees, the more you learn about them, the more you understand and start to love them and with love comes happiness.

We created TiCL App to help people who already love and know about trees to share that love and knowledge with everyone around them, to point out interesting features, to share the tree’s secrets. The Urban Tree Festival shares our view that there’s no better way to enjoy and learn about trees than going to see them and Taking a Closer Look.

Q. Tell us about the locations for your Urban Tree Festival events

We are pleased to offer Tree Trails in parks all over London. All content on TiCL is ordered by proximity to you – download TiCL App to find your nearest interesting tree or tree trail.

In ‘12 Trees 33 Boroughs’ we have mapped trees of interest in every London Borough so you’ll find some interesting trees nearby wherever you go in London.

10 Trees 10 pubs’ features trees and pubs scattered all over London.

Art of the Park’ features artist Xanthe Mosely’s art from in and around Greenwich Parks.

Q. Which event that isn’t your own would you like to join?

There’s no better way to enjoy a tree than to be taken to one with an expert human guide – The Urban Tree Festival gives you a choice of four – Andrew, Peter, Paul and Mel – so  any one of them 🙂

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