Meet the Urban Tree Patrons: Geography Workshop

We’re thrilled to announce Geography Workshop as our first Urban Tree Patron for the first ever Urban Tree Festival!

Nostrum est Creare Mundum: The World is ours to Create

Geography Workshop is an independent production company that seeks through creative educative productions to open space for dialogues and discussions to explore stories, lives, ideas and knowledges that enable nuanced and capacious conversations about the way lives, landscapes, and the world might be understood for empowering educational outcomes and practices

Geography Workshop works across three main areas: producing radio programmes (Resonance FM, ‘Er Outdoors series); educative publications (Archive Afterlives); and workshops, fieldtrips and events such as ‘Trees of Beeston’, details of which can be found on the GW website.

GW founding Director, Jo Norcup told us “Geography Workshop is honoured to be an Urban Tree Patron for the first Urban Tree Festival in London.”

Follow Geography Workshop on Twitter, @Geo_Workshop.

Geography Workshop – Nostrum est Creare Mundum – The World Is Ours To Create.



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