Who do we think we are? Carole Wright

We ask all the Urban Tree Festival contributors to tell us about themselves and the events they are running. This is the sixth in an ongoing series.

Meet Carole Wright, life-long social housing estate dwelling community gardener, orchardist, rambler wrapped in a creatives’ body! This is her story…

Carole Wright: Orchardist and Apiarist

Encouraged, growing up in south London, to embrace being in nature and celebrating my rich cultural heritage which takes in Ghana, Jamaica, Syria. As an urban child it’s so important to sow seeds, plant both edible and ornamental trees irrespective of social status and physical abilities. Walking has been the glue for me to share tree knowledge by showing and telling, supporting others to plant trees/wildlife hedges on housing estates and schools. Standing under tree canopy on an estate, park or woodland can’t be beaten!

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Orchard to Orchard,
A Tour of Three Housing Estate Urban Orchards

Q. What events are you leading during the Urban tree Festival?

‘Orchard to Orchard: Tour of Three SE1 housing estate community orchards’ Sunday 20th May 11am – 1pm, meeting in the main square, Peabody Square Estate, Blackfriars Road, SE1

Peabody Square, Blackfriars: Home of an urban orchard

Q. Why are you supporting the Urban Tree Festival?

The healing properties of trees, the accessibility to all in society, the birdsong we hear on many housing estates which us urban dwellers cherish

Q. Why are urban trees so important to you?

The memories they invoke when talking to friends, family and complete strangers!

Q. Tell us about the locations for your Urban Tree Festival events

Three social housing estates, managed by different housing providers in the same borough – Southwark. Peabody Housing associations 1st south London estate – Peabody Square, Blackfriars Road. Brookwood Triangle Garden on Southwark Council’s Lancaster Estate, and then the Whites Grounds community garden orchard, on Leathermarket JMB a Tenant Managed Organisation (TMO). All in SE1.

Q. Which event that isn’t your own would you like to join?

Urban Forest Hampstead 18/05/18 6.30-8.30pm

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