Supporters in 2018 & 2019

In 2018 we launched a crowd funding campaign raising an astonishing £1,730 and  Trees for Cities generously matched our fundraising with a further £1,500.  In 2019, we received a similar level of financial support from Trees for Cities, and further support from Tonkin Liu Architecture.  Others provided gifts in kind, and we had terrific volunteer support from James Boyle and Gail Astbury.

Listed below are the fantastic people and organisations who pledged an astonishing £1,730 to help make the first ever Urban Tree Festival happen in 2018. Raising this amazing sum not only means the Festival will go ahead, but also that Trees for Cities will generously match our fundraising with a further £1,500, helping us to support more events and plan for 2019!

Founding Patron

Tonkin Liu Architecture

Finely crafted architecture, landscape and sculpture. 
Award-winning designs inspired by nature.

Urban Tree Patrons

Geography Workshop

Geography Workshop is an independent production company that seeks through creative educative productions to open space for dialogues and discussions to explore stories, lives, ideas and knowledges that enable nuanced and capacious conversations about the way lives, landscapes, and the world might be understood for empowering educational outcomes and practices. 


EastendHomes are a community led, Registered Provider of Social Housing based in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Other Supporters

The Flower Hut, Greenwich

Mike Ridley
Patsy Brookwick
Stephen Middleton
Elspeth Penfold
Patty Harper
Esther Rae
Catherine Max
Ben Connor
Joseph Quackenbush
Xanthe Mosley
Vanessa Longley
Peter Fiennes
Jane Stokes
Phil Jackman
Mikhail Glushenkov
Tina Foulkes
Elizabeth Wrigley
Nathalie Banaigs
Peter Hayward
Jane Balfour
Celia Wade-Brown
Colin Saunders
Marika Weinhardt
Suzi Hall
Jonathan Dean
Andrew Hayward
Julia Rendall
Thomas Bendixson
Jo Turner
Kate Allan
Alice King
Andrew Cosgrove
Jo Norcup
T McGorry
Penny Wrout
Peter Jaeger
Stuart Butler
Vincent Stops
Michael Stuart
Linda Lacome-Shaw
James Coleman
Scott Barkwith
Derick Bostridge
Stephen Murphy
Niran Baibulat
Paul Wilson
Neil Meadows
Susie MacAllister
Wendy Fitzgerald
Carole Wright
Jane Balfour
Liza Cohen
Rebecca Phillips
Helen Wang
Rachel Gomme
Tim Ingram-Smith
Jo Opacka
Lucy Christopher
Karen Moreno
Ben Waddington
Sara Jones

We would also like to thank the supporters who chose to remain anonymous


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